Sunday, April 29, 2007

Macross me up baby

Who doesn’t like mech combat? I certainly do. I think most males would agree with me that if we had a choice between mushy love story and mech-warrior combat, we’d choose mech warriors hands down. Fortunately, instead of losing the girl when we try to solve the argument over who gets to hold the remote, there are ways to bridge the mushy love story with space explosions and mech combat, with a little bit of post apocalyptical mayhem to match it all. I’m not talking about the new SquareEnix animation, but Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Many of you have fond memories of mechs, if nothing more than playing with Transformer toys when you were children, and so it is that you find yourself uncontrollably drawn to a mech storyline, even if you haven’t heard of the show before, nor really had the desire to watch it. Such was the case for Macross, and though I have seen the movie, I still don’t have the pull into the TV show that normally beats into my heart after I watch a movie based on the show. But this movie did have its moments of balanced love story and mech combat, which made me feel warm tinglies inside.

The movie opens with a series of mechs leaving the Superspace Fortress Macross to got about a routine recon mission, and soon find themselves thrown into combat against the evil giant Zentradi race. The Zentradi have apparently been at war with mankind for many years, leaving the remnants of the homo sapient race floating adrift giant combat fortresses which can morph into a giant combat mech—though the reasoning for such is only hinted at by the gun the machine utilizes to drop the enemy carrier ships. Fortunately, like most 80’s movies, we don’t have to contemplate too hard before they move the storyline forward and make us forget about the situation, suspending our disbelief for just a few moments.

There are the standard impossible explosions that come hand-in-hand with mech shows, but also all the sound effects you’d expect to find in a mech story. But there is also a sufficient number of love triangles when the main character, Hikaru, meets up with his long time idol Lynn Minmay, who falls in love with him. Later, Minmay gets captured and Hikaru gets stranded on Earth with his superior officer, a female. After a while, they accept that everyone is dead, and they’re probably not going to make it home, so they end up falling in love, which only complicates the situation when the Zentradi release Minmay as part of a peace gesture. That’s when the love story takes a turn for the worst, and the soap opera waterworks really begin. Fortunately for the men who don’t like mushy stories, there are only a few minutes before the movie returns to the combat and then ends altogether.

Made in the 80’s, this movie is does not have the best quality of video to date, but it seemed as though it had the 1980’s style of animation and art. It was a very stylized movie and did keep me wondering what new visual will pop out next. I wanted to watch the next scene to see how it all plays out. This is a good movie with questions about existence and whether or not we are related to the aliens that we’ve met at a party. Naturally, any sci-fi geek would be interested in this movie.

However, I call it mediocre and say that you are going to need to judge the movie for yourself. I liked it, and I hope you like it door.

Good luck and happy watching.

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