Sunday, April 15, 2007

Anime is Manga is Anime

So, for those of you out there who are completely oblivious to the fact that almost all anime is created off a manga created in Japan. You see, since Japanese people don't have novels, like we do here in the US, they write Manga in return. And thus, their novelizations of mind elations has a tendancy to become ANIME. Unforunately, those who read manga will find one thing very very common between the two: Plot. You see, most anime are just colored action versions of the manga pages. The author pieces together the motions between the images presented and then those are all combined together to make the anime that you see.

And thus it is that anime is manga is anime. It's the vicious cycle that we manga/anime fans must go through. If you are a true Japanofile, then this entry into my "ANIME TO THE EXTREME" blog isn't really all that informative. And, you probably think that I'm being ridiculously retarded, but you'd be surprised how many anime watchers out there just don't understand this concept and think to argue with the manga reader. FACT: more often than not, an anime has a manga. FACT: more often than not, the anime follows the manga word for word. FACT: any discrepancies between the two are usually related to translation problems.

Now, if you are new to this world of anime and manga, then I'm here to guide you through. I write under the assumption that you've never seen this world before, and have no idea what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, because I have been around the block, I will also make comments for the Japanofiles, so just let it go over your head.

But anyway, back to my point. Anime is manga is anime. Those who disagree are wrong. If you think you're not wrong, refer to the previous sentence. I will go so far as to say that some anime productions are first produced in video format BEFORE published book form, but these cases are very very rare. So rare that I dare anyone to find me one such case, and I will buy you a mountain dew. Usually, if the process skips the print production all together, it never ends up in print form. Games are the one exception to this, because games are essentially produced side by side with their stories, so you sometimes find a manga about a game being released after the game. But I'm talking anime film here, so step off.

Right, so that's that. There's more about Anime later, but don't be surprised if I start talking about Manga as well, 'cause they're one and the same in my mind. You can't truly think you understand the story of an anime if you haven't at least glanced at the manga, because the writing can change the entire dynamic of the plot. Happy Reading.

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